How To Get An Instant Loan Without Any Credit History

By Nidhi Sharma


If your credit card is not so good, and you are going to apply for a loan without any credit history, then it will be tough for you because credit card history is quite mandatory for a bank and other financial lenders. After all, many ways to step out with this bad credit score and plenty of valid reasons for not having a credit report. Usually, the need for a loan or credit card arises after a certain age, and due to this, several people opt for a loan, especially at a young age.

You can apply for a short-term loan if you do not have any credit history, and now you are a little bit worried about getting a loan, but you do not have to worry about anything. Several banks and financial lenders quite understand the absence of credit history and consider it a valid reason. Therefore, it does not mean that they will give you all liberties. Let’s discuss some other points.

Become a co-applicant

Becoming a co-applicant is quite good for a bad credit card holder, and if someone has a good CIBIL score is willing to become a co-applicant for the loan, it might be good to change your bad credit history, but you have to be alert in such situations because becoming a co-applicant is not easy. Also, your co-applicant is equally responsible for the repayment of the loan amount. So, make sure that if they are unable to pay their loan EMIs, then they will be counted as a defaulter and their CIBIL score would be afflicted badly for future loans.

Apply for a new credit card

It is the simplest way to create your new credit history is by applying for a new credit card, but make sure that you are a working person if you want to get one immediately. Therefore, one particular thing that you should be careful always the credit usage of the card. Try to not surpass more than 30% of the credit limit provided to you on the card by the bank due to this it would be a huge negative impact on your credit score.

If you are using a new credit card for a few months trying to pay all the bills before a time, then it might be able to create a credit history, due to this it would be easier for you to obtain a loan of your choice.

Apply for an online loan service

Several people are nowadays applying for an online loan because an online loan is the best solution to grab a loan with no credit history. It is because many online loan providers and financial lenders are most active than traditional lenders. Many people believe that online loans are also more convenient and flexible than traditional loans, as long as you have a safe and adequately high income. Also, the best part is that you can easily check your eligibility criteria for an online loan offered by everyday loan India in a few hours with lower interest rates.


Looking for a loan on an urgent basis, then you can go for an online loan because it is the most convenient and simple procedure to get a loan in a few hours. Everyday loan India has become a trustworthy company for online loan procedures. For more information visit our official website, where you can see all the basic information about short-term loans.

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