Why Short-Term Loan Is Better Than Borrowing Money From Others

By Nidhi Sharma


Every person at some time or the other borrows money from their friends, relatives, and family members, especially in emergency needs. Sometimes, borrowing money from others is pretty embarrassing. Hence it may be a better idea to look for a short-term loan for emergency needs because a short-term loan is one of the best solutions for self-employed and salaried persons. Borrowing money online from Paisaintime is one of the safest procedures, and you will get instant cash into your bank account.

short-term loan have received many bad reviews in the last few years. The main reason was the high-interest rate, administrative fees, and other extra charges, but a short-term loan is a viable option to get out of your financial trouble. Here are a few reasons why you should go for a short-term loan.

No Awkwardness

Borrowing from friends may get you out of a crisis, but it is a burden you have to bear until the loan is repaid. If there is a little bit of delay or you are not in good condition to meet your commitment, it becomes awkward even to meet the person or talk to them. The Short-Term Loan will be best suitable for you, and you are entirely in a secure zone. After taking a short-term loan, you can plan your other expenses, optimize your EMI and fit them into your monthly budget without any inconvenience.

Clear Transaction Terms

Getting a short-term loan from family, friends, or relatives without any paperwork depends on trust and is not documented. The terms and conditions are equivocal. The money is borrowed on a faith basis without any documentation and promises to return shortly. If you are taking loan money from a financial lender or bank, you are fully aware of the criteria and period.

Several people are aware nowadays of repaying the loan via monthly payments. If you are taking a loan from family, friends, and relatives, there is no such return policy and discipline, and hence you may be under pressure to pay it back 0early. And if you can’t it can be very embarrassing.

Payback In Easy EMIs

A Short-Term Loan can be paid quickly in an EMIs without extra charges and easily fit your budget by adjusting the tenure. Repay the loan in full after six months without any prepayment penalty. On the other hand, borrowing a loan from your friends or relative is usually repayable in a lump sum amount with no exact date. Suppose your friends or relatives ask for the money, and if your condition is not good, then it will be the worst situation for anyone to handle.


The repayment plan is according to your convenience. Repay the loan in six months EMIs without any extra charges or fines. Borrowing from friends and family is a bad idea, and always better to use a standard option for your short-term loan and maintain your relationships. Get your short-term loan from Paisaintime within a few hours and at low-interest rates.

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