About Us

Our Relationship

Paisaintime is a premier brand under the umbrella of Growing Bharat Fintech Private Limited. As a dedicated arm of our parent company, Paisaintime focuses on providing specialized lending solutions tailored to meet the diverse financial needs of individuals and businesses.

About Growing Bharat Fintech Pvt Ltd

Growing Bharat Fintech Pvt Ltd, formerly known as Sawalsha Leasing & Finance Private Limited, is a trusted name in the financial sector, known for its commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and integrity. As a leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) in India, we are dedicated to fostering financial growth and inclusion across the nation.

Paisaintime: A Specialized Lending Solution

Paisaintime represents our commitment to delivering accessible, efficient, and user-friendly financial services. As a specialized brand within the Growing Bharat Fintech family, Paisaintime offers a range of lending solutions designed to cater to the unique requirements of our clients.

Our Commitment

At Growing Bharat Fintech, we are committed to empowering our clients with financial solutions that drive growth and success. Paisaintime is a critical component of this commitment, offering specialized lending services that are both accessible and effective

Together, Growing Bharat Fintech Pvt Ltd and Paisaintime are paving the way for a financially inclusive and prosperous India. Our clients can rely on us for reliable, innovative, and customer-centric financial solutions that help them achieve their financial goals.