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We would like to bring to notice, to all those availing of our services that we are an authentic loan providing organization with imperative assent from the RBI to disburse loans to eligible clients. It has come to our attention that imposters and deceitful individuals are impersonating us through illicit means and demanding elicit fee charges with the bogus guarantee of giving them loans. Therefore, we strongly reprimand this fake and deceitful impersonation and hereby alert the general public that we do not charge any upfront fees against our loans. Anyone claiming to do so is not part of our organization.


We have noticed that some malicious individuals have started creating fake email ids and fake website/domain names, causing confusion among our customers with names similar to Paisaintime. We also noticed that many potential customers were tricked by various scammers in order to seduce them. with false and unfounded promises.

That's why we warn the general public to:

  1. Raise awareness about any kind of fake email id, website, ads and domain impersonating Paisaintime and claiming that they are offering salary advances at a low interest rate, collect customer data, request money upfront for loan processing, etc.

  2. Our credit partner has a complex process to review every potential credit request/application and comply with the legal guidelines set out in their due process. Paisaintime or any of our employees will never require any kind of prepayment from their clients before disbursing the loan.
  3. The email id would necessarily contain @paisaintime.com and would not contain other domain names like Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail etc or others.

  • Therefore, before deciding to deal with such scammers and to respond/admit to any kind of fake ads, websites, emails and calls to protect yourself from any kind of criminal activity.
  • We also urge our prospective customers to report any suspicious activity by that may have taken place as a result of some illegal practices . your jurisdiction as soon as possible. At Paisaintime we advise the public, prospects and customers not to share an OTP/password with anyone, including Paisaintime staff.
  • Please note that anyone dealing with scammers does so at their own risk and responsibility. Paisaintime takes no responsibility for the losses suffered.